Why to use CBD Oil?

  • Hemp oil extract is a designed to help maintain good health and emotional state.

CBD Oil is known to provide immense health benefits, such as:

› Stay Asleep Longer

› Helps to Maintain Healthy Skin & Hair

› Helps with Stress Control

› Pain Relief

› Has Neuroprotective Properties

How much of CBD Oil should I take?

  • The recommended dose depends on your conditions and personal parameters. For most of the people 1 full droplet of concentrated Hemp oil extract twice daily is enough. However, we recommend consulting with your physician to determine best dose for you.

Does the CBD help to quit smoking cigarettes or marijuana?

  • There are studies showing that taking CBD oil helps mitigate the desire to take nicotine and THC. However you need to decide to quit smoking to actually do that. CBD oil may make the process of quitting go smother.

How will I feel when I take hemp extract?

  • Hemp Oil is reacting with your endocrine system and the effect of taking it depends on many factors. Some of the people may feel more focused, some – more relaxed. Both effects are usually are not strong as main components of the hemp interact with your body gently.

Who can take hemp extract?

  • Except for allergic reaction to components of hemp, there are no restrictions to take hemp extract we know of.

How do you extract CBD oil?

  • We utilize CO2 method to extract CBD Oil. We use pressurized carbon dioxide to pull CBD along with other phytochemicals from the plant. CO2 acts like a solvent at certain temperatures and pressures but possesses none of the dangers. This is by far the most effective and safe of known methods to extract CBD.

Are there side effects?

  • CBD hemp extracts are considered free of side effects. However, we recommend checking with your doctor before taking Sunny Oil, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or suspect medical conditions.