At Sunny Lab we put the safely or our customers first. That’s why we make sure the quality of our products matches the highest industry standards. Sunny Lab is proud to be a licensed cultivator by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA). The hemp growing facility we own is using full vertical integration to ensure no part of the production process is left to chance. The facility is located in San Luis Valley, Colorado. This cool desert-like climate is well suited for cultivating hemp. In fact, this region is considered to have the best microclimate in the entire state, possibly even in the country for outdoor hemp cultivation.

Fully Organic

Sunny lab products proudly hold USDA Organic certificate.  We stand a chance of losing the entire crop each year by growing our hemp naturally.  Organic results are only present while natural fertilizer and pest control used.  Our hemp is grown outdoors in the State of Colorado with the best possible climate for outdoor hemp cultivation.

Tested by CDA and Independent Labs

Our hemp and oil extracts are safe and ready to use.  Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) conducts quality and concentration tests on an annual basis. Internal and independent third party testing is also performed. We check for mildew, pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. In a world where inaccurate and poor quality is rampant, we aim to give suppliers and consumers a clear and safe product. At Sunny Lab, we supply quality guaranteed hemp extracts.